Frequently Asked Questions

Modest clothing is recommended for both men and women. Wear what is comfortable for you.

All of our events and activities are completely free-of-charge. We are a charitable organization that runs on donations and offer all of our programming at no cost to you.

Absolutely. Even though you may notice people sitting on the floor, we also have stools, cushions and chairs. Feel free to also bring your own favorite chair.

We are a family friendly place. While there are some activities specifically for young people, parents can decide what other events are suitable for their children. 

Sinhala is a language spoken in Sri Lanka. Some of our programs are conducted in Sinhala and will be clearly marked. 

Pali (pronounced “paa-li”) is the ancient Indian language that the Buddha spoke in his day. Many of our chanting and blessings are in Pali. If you would like to follow along at an event, you can pick up a translation book from the meditation hall before an event. Please remember to return the copy once a program concludes.

Absolutely! If you would like to practice on your own or just want a self-guided tour, please come any time. You may also join us for regular programming without prior notice or registering. If you would like to speak with a monk, receive blessings, get guidance on starting a meditation practice, or for any other questions, please call us to make an appointment at +1 (301) 570 1573 or send us an email at 

Absolutely. Anyone interested in discovering, exploring and learning is welcome regardless of their background. There is no need to register or notify anyone of your intention to visit or join regular programming and special events.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email or use our contact page.
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