Day-long Meditation retreat

Saturday, May 04

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​Mindful Meditation Retreat with Experienced Monks in Maryland!”

35 spots are available out of 35

Day-Long Retreat - May 04



Mindfulness helps to have a happy life. Evil thoughts and past bad memories give us stress, anxiety, sadness, and suffering. If you can focus your mind on the present, you can give up them. Day-Long Retreat gives you wonderful instructions for being in the present and nice tips to eliminate your bad memories and depression.


Skill Level:

Our compassionate and knowledgeable monks will guide you throughout the retreat, providing support and insights tailored to your individual needs.



Due to space constraints and complimentary lunch and tea provided for all attendees, a $40 registration fee is applicable to prevent fraudulent sign-ups.

Pledge Members , No sign-up payments are required! Confirm your participation by sending an email to

Our monks selflessly share their priceless teachings, experience, and time with you, completely free of charge. 

Space Is Limited. Please Sign up now for our next Meditation Retreat.

​​What Makes This Retreat Special:
Don't just take our word for it; here are a few testimonials from previous participants:

Time Table:

You are welcome to participate in all sessions or enjoy your own silent meditation refraining from the use of electronic devices.


If you’re prefered, you can bring your own lunch. 


Buddha Meditation Center of Maryland,
5004 Stone Rd, Rockville, MD 20853

Terms and Conditions:

Up-Coming Day-Long Meditation Retreat
Saturday, May 04

Day-Long Retreat - May 04


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