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Mindful Meditation Retreat

“Escape the Chaos: ​JULY 22-23 ​  Join our 2-Day ​Mindful Meditation Retreat with Experienced Monks in Maryland!”



​Free Teachings and Meals ​with Single bed rooms

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just in need of a break? Join us for an unforgettable experience of inner peace and rejuvenation. Our skilled and experienced monks will guide you through the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation in a serene and tranquil setting.


Skill Level:

Our compassionate and knowledgeable monks will guide you throughout the retreat, providing support and insights tailored to your individual needs.



​Our monks selflessly share their priceless teachings, experience, and time with you, completely free of charge. The retreat’s meals are generously provided by volunteers who have personally experienced the bliss of mindfulness during past daylong retreats.


​The only expense you need to bear is the accommodation fee of $100, which covers your stay at the retreat center. This minimal fee ensures a lifelong learning experience aimed at relieving stress and promoting well-being.


We understand that financial constraints may hinder some individuals from joining the retreat. However, we encourage you to keep in touch and express your interest. There may be opportunities for someone to donate on your behalf or for future stress relief mindful sessions. Rest assured, everyone is treated equally, and your circumstances will remain confidential. contact

Don't Have Time to Participate but Want to Make a Difference?

​If you are unable to attend the retreat but wish to support someone else’s journey towards happiness, you can make an anonymous donation. Your contribution can help cover accommodation fees for those who cannot afford it or contribute to the sustainability of this meditation retreat. As a token of our gratitude, we will prioritize your inclusion in future retreats, especially when limited space is available.

Donations for Meditation Retreats

Donations for Meditation Retreats

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​​What Makes This Retreat Special:
Don't just take our word for it; here are a few testimonials from previous participants:

Time Table:

You are welcome to participate in all sessions or enjoy your own silent meditation refraining from the use of electronic devices.


Muesli with oat milk​
​ Seitenbacher for Active People, Bob’s Red Mill Old Country, Seitenbacher Cashew & Almond
Fresh fruits, yogurt, bread & muffins


Saturday Rice and chicken curry, beans, parsley salad, Sri Lankan chips ​Fresh fruit
Sunday – pita bread, fried rice, chicken curry,Hummus, cutlets, kale salad, broccoli, ice cream, yogurt, butter cake, berries, fresh fruit


Turkey sandwich, vegan  wrap, tuna salad sandwich and chicken salad sandwich

Retreat place

Dayspring Silent Retreat Center,
​11301 Neelsville Church Rd, Germantown, MD 20876


Q: Is this a religious practice?
A: Not at all. This is a mindfulness practice. Right Mindfulness is the path Buddha taught to achieve the bliss of happiness. Monks are here to teach and share their experiences and meditate with the team. Everyone is welcome and treated equally. If you have daily religious observations, feel free to practice them in your personal room.
Q: What should I bring?
A: All you need is an open mind, a passion for mindfulness, and your personal belongings. Room items will be provided.
Q: Are phones allowed?
A: During the sessions, we don’t allow the use of phones as we focus on practicing one thing at a time for our mindfulness. However, in your room, you can use your phone. Just remember not to let your phone use you, as it can distract you from maintaining right mindfulness.
Q: What if I’m unable to follow the timetable?
A: We have faith in you, and together we can make it work. If you ever feel tired, feel free to relax mindfully in your room and take the time you need.
Q: Why should I consider donating to the program?
A: Think about how you felt when you experienced discomfort, anxiety, stress, or depression in your life. It’s worth helping someone overcome such situations and find practical ways to cope. The monks freely share their experiences, and by donating to arrange more mindful retreats, we can become a part of the greater good to help humanity. 
Q: What should I wear?
A: We kindly ask all attendees to dress comfortably and modestly during the retreat. Please choose clothing that allows you to move freely and feel at ease throughout the activities.

Terms and Conditions:

Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat

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