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Welcome! We are a warm and serene place in Rockville, MD for anyone to investigate true happiness through Dhamma and meditation. We strive to spread the original teachings of the Buddha to benefit the spiritual development of all human beings. Fully ordained and practicing monks present the Buddha’s teachings in a modern language that is easy to understand. Our activities include meditation classes, children’s and youth programs, day-long practice sessions, daily chanting and blessing, and Dhamma sermons by resident monks.

Our Mission

Help people grow their spiritual wisdom through the teachings of the Gauthama Supreme Buddha, to discover and invite true happiness into their lives.

We do this by teaching:

How We Began

Story Of Our Logo

The logo of the Buddha Meditation Center illustrates the unsurpassed dispensation of the perfectly Enlightened Buddha. The wheel, containing 24 spokes, represents the nine supreme qualities of the Buddha, the six supreme qualities of the Teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma) and the nine supreme qualities of the Holy Order of Monks (Sangha). The Buddha’s preaching is described as “the setting in motion of the incomparable wheel of Dhamma”. The wheel also depicts the propagation of the Dhamma.

​The lion, “king” of the forest, is considered in folklore as so brave, powerful, majestic and mighty. When a lion emerges from its lair and roars, all other animals in the forest hear it, listen and pay attention. So too, the fully Enlightened Buddha teaches his sublime doctrine and dispels all sorrows and sufferings in the world, as brave as a lion, and wise people pay careful attention. The two majestic lions defending the incomparable wheel of Dhamma in the logo stand for the unshakable bravery of the Buddha.

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