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Buddhism for the Modern World

We are extremely fortunate to be living in a time when the original, ancient teachings of the Buddha are still available to us. The Buddha taught that there are four steps we need to follow in order to achieve the goal of true happiness:
  1. Associate with good people who know the Buddha’s teachings and who are trying to follow them.
  2. Listen carefully to those teachings.
  3. Reflect wisely on those teachings and apply them to our lives.
  4. Put those teachings into practice and lead our life according to their instructions.  (SN 55:5)When you come to our monastery and meditation centre you will have the chance to meet people who are learning these teaching and trying to put them into practice. You will be able to listen to the Buddha’s teaching from monks who have been trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. All of the teachings and meditation instructions you get when you are here, comedirectly from the ancient scriptures found in the Sutta Pitaka . We have many resources for you to learn the teachings of the Buddha
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