Welcome to the Buddha Meditation Center!

If this is your first time visiting a meditation center, here are some things to note. It may look a little different around here. We hope the following frequently asked questions help paint a clearer picture.

Where are you located?

Our address for your GPS is 5004 Stone Rd, Rockville, MD. Free parking is available on the premises. We invite everyone to visit us and begin your own journey or speak to a resident monk.​

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, Modest yet comfortable clothing is requested for both men and women. Kindly refrain from wearing shorts, skirts above the knees and sleeveless shirts. On special occasions, some people like to wear white clothes, but it is not mandatory. We do ask you to please remove your shoes and hats before coming inside.

Can I sit on a chair?

Of course! You will notice many people sitting on the floor but we have cushions, stools and chairs to make your time here more comfortable. If you have a favorite portable chair, feel free to bring it from home.​​

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! ​Young people are welcome at all of our events. Parents can decide what will best suite their children. We also have special programming for children and youth.

Who are the monks? How do you greet them?

The monks are trained and ordained in the ancient Theravada Buddhist tradition that originated in the sixth century BCE in India. They wear brown robes and shave their heads. You can greet them with a smile or by placing your palms together in front of your chest, but they don’t shake hands or hug. They are available at any time to answer questions about Buddhism or meditation.

Will I be pressured ​to join or convert?

Not at all. All of our activities are available free of charge and open to anyone regardless of their background. If you  would  like to get more involved in the community, speak with a monk or sign up to one of our WhatsApp groups.

Why all the bowing?

While you are here, you will see people bowing to the monks and to the Buddha statue. Bowing to people we respect is an ancient Buddhist practice all around the world. Don’t feel any pressure to bow if you are not comfortable doing so.

Chanting and expressing our faith

Our regular programs usually begin with offering flowers, candles, and drinks in memory of the Buddha, followed by a recital of the qualities of the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. We may continue to chant ancient scriptures for blessings. English programs will include English chanting along with the ancient language of Pali. If you would like to read along, please pick up an English textbook before a program. You can also download a copy here . It has translations and explanations of verses we recite.

Meditating together

Speak to a monk for questions about meditation and creating a mindfulness practice customized to your needs. You can also email and a monk will get back to you.

One-on-one session with a monk

Speak to a monk for more questions, receive guidance on meditation, free counselling for any of life’s challenges, and to create a mindfulness practice customized to your needs. Please call or email to schedule an appointment directly with a practicing monk. 
Call: +1 301-570-1573

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